Advance Level



Sharpen all strokes and focus on tactic and strategy of play. Recommended practice minim2-3 times a week


  1. The Price list is for individual package hour, can not combined with other students

  2. The package hour is for one month (end every 30/31 each month) and the payment system must be made monthly between day 1st – 10th day at the beginning of each month, not based on package expiration

  3. Remaining package hours can be extended to the following month when the payment continue monthly. If take a month off (cuti) then the remaining hours are expired

  4. Please take a note that taking amonth off (cuti) is entitled to each student at LTS during one yearsince the 1st entry. Taking more than one month is charged Rp. 200.000,- . Please notify Marike minimum of 2 weeks before taking a month off. The cuti form must be filled in and signed by parents/guardian

  5. Every player will be given an ID card which is also useful as a presence card. Before practice please present the card to LTS staff to be scanned. Lost of demage will charged Rp. 100.000,- for card replacement

  6. Payment can be made via bank transfer : BCA 253 129 6577 name Jeanine Marieke Gunawan. Please Specify player’s name and details

  7. REGISTRATION FEE : Rp. 300.000,-